Monday, May 24, 2010


Catherine Valdes self-named "Catrific" has destroyed evidence in a futile attempt to avoid criminal indictment for her role as a hacker and conspirator in the ongoing computer hacking and gross invasion of this blogger's privacy. However, I was able to retrieve from Google cache.

Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" began her scheme of fraud and deceit as a student in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. Her father, Mandy Valdes, aka Daddyrific owns a Chick-Fil-A franchise in Atlanta, Georgia where she was raised. Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" is currently a student in Redding,California.

Why would Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" participate into the hacking campaign against a blogger she never knew or met?

That answer is easy. Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" Sold Her Soul to Dailybooth. This is a screen cache from Google as of January 27, 2010.

However, if you check her page you'll notice Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" changed her confession and admission that she would do anything requested by founder Jon Wheatley.

As of March 5, 2010 her page was changed to read, "Hi." A bit blase for an attention whore like Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific." Of course, we recovered the altered page from Google cache. There is no eraser on the internet.

Why did Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" suddenly change her Dailybooth page? Because Jon Wheatley hacked my computer again and found the screenshot of Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific's" incriminating statement in my documents file. Jon Wheatley advised Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" to spoil, destroy and alter evidence in a pending criminal case.

Ryan "Dice" Kusaba bragged on Twitter about the harm he could cause on my computer. No shit sherlock. On November 20, 2008, my computer was hacked by Ryan "Dice" Kusaba during his working hours as a Web Developer at Sony Imageworks Interactive.The hacking went on all day long. Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific's" role in the genesis of the hacking scheme was part of the Denial of Service attack that went on all day long.

By the way, look at Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific's" list of followers. It's a Rogue's Gallery of the hacker who have and continue to break into my computer.

Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" created an insidious blog called "I Gave Int as in Catrific gave in and aided and abetted the commission of several felonies to hack this blogger's computer. Catrific started her poor excuse for a blog on November 18, 2008 so she could stalk me online as a "blog follower." She only wrote three posts- November 18, 20 and 25.

Why did Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific" stop "blogging" on November 25, 2008? Because November 25, 2008, that was the day that Ryan "Dice" Kusaba's fellow Sony Imageworks Interactive hacker, Chad Scira was identified and contacted by a Detective regarding the hacking.

Catherine Valdes aka "Catrific": You better call "Daddyrific. You need a lawyer. You are being sued as a party who willfully aided and abetted Ryan "Dice" Kusaba and Jon Wheatley's commission of felony crimes including but not limited to Violation of the Computer Abuse Act.